have you ever wished for a tool that could seamlessly blend the intricacies of MTM (made to measure) and MTO (make to order) with the dynamic world of 3D?

thob.studio is the answer. with our platform, businesses can offer real-time 3D interactive experiences, allowing customers to visualize and customize products to their heart's content. at the heart of thob.studio lies a fusion of artistic brilliance and cutting-edge technology. our technical team, has dedicated years to master the intricate dance between 3D assets and web development. team's artistic mindset, combined with the it's expertise, has birthed a platform that stands unparalleled in the industry.

by leveraging the capabilities of three.js, we accomplish something intricate and demanding: producing domain-specific, finely optimized 3D assets that preserve their intricate details, ready for seamless rendering in web applications. this not only guarantees top-tier visuals but also provides users with an immersive, real-time interactive experience. and all of this can be accessed effortlessly through our asset library with just a few clicks.

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