30 days30 minutescreating 3d interactive experiences for your bespoke business
how it works?
define your parametersdefine the parameters of your bespoke product that customers can cutomise and see them change in real-time 3d interactive view! put your whole catalogue in one page!
craft your designtailor the appearance using our page builder to adjust everything as per your brand guidline.for those seeking unique touch, personalise your 3d scene for enhanced visual appeal.
take the reinshave full autonomy over the display when your parameters are customised on final product. control every detail, from 3d scene, page appearance, pricing, ensuring it aligns with your business vision.
seamless integrationintegrate the experience in your web apps using our integrations for supported platforms. for those with unique reqiurements, we have our SDKs to ensure to elevate your business to a new dimension.
transform your online store with interactive 3d product customization! thob studio integrates seamlessly with leading e-commerce platforms, empowering you to showcase your products in a whole new dimension.
bring your prestashop store to life in 3d with the thob studio integration module. this user-friendly module requires no coding expertise and offers a smooth setup process. get ready to watch your conversion rates soar as customers engage with your products in a whole new way.
effortlessly integrate thob studio with your wordpress website using our user-friendly woocommerce plugin. this allows you to offer a captivating shopping experience by letting customers customize your products in stunning 3d directly on your store. imagine them visualizing their dream product with just a few clicks!
take full control and craft a truly unique 3d customization experience for your website or application with the thob studio javascript/typescript sdk. this powerful sdk empowers developers to leverage thob studio's robust apis, unlocking a world of possibilities beyond the pre-built integrations.
more coming soon...get ready to transform your shopify store! the thob studio shopify app is under development and will soon offer the same seamless integration you've come to expect. stay tuned to unlock the power of 3d customization for your shopify store!
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